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Solid Waste Sorter Compactors

  Designed specifically for the solid waste industry
  Crane custom designed to suit requirements
  Grapple designed to sort or compact
  Hydraulic remote control
  Designed for continuous duty cycle
  Complete parts and service backup
  10,000 lbs. compaction force
  Optional ride around platform and hydraulic power pack

Features and Specifications

Swing Rotation
360 degree continuous rotation in both directions. Standard swing speed 2 to 3 RPM, through a planetary reduction gear box.

Hydraulic cylinders are honed steel tube construction with threaded pistons and external cap. Internally ported load hold valve holds cylinders in position if hydraulic pressure is lost.

Hinge Pins
Hinge pins are machined from hardened steel. They are oversized for load carrying capacity and are run in bronze bushings.

Two-piece knuckleboom with fabricated standard high tensile steel construction.

One piece tubular construction designed with flange for bolt down installation. Internal gear, shear ball type rotational bearing.

Hydraulic grapple with continuous rotation, 1/2 cubic yard. Can be used for compacting in both open and closed positions. Grapple is mounted to boom with hydraulic wrist action.

Hydraulic System
Open center hydraulic system is standard.

Low pressure joystick controls are standard.

All surfaces sandblasted to remove scale, rust, slag, oil and dirt. Zinc chromate primer 2 to 3 mils, urethane enamel topcoat 2 to 3 mils.